Web Services is a team within the Public Relations & Strategic Partnerships department. The team is made up of 3 designers, the Coordinator and Senior Director. You can find the Public Relations & Strategic Partnerships office at the main district office located at 1915 S Floral Avenue, Bartow.

Who We Are

Web Services is responsible for updating and maintaining the main district website, the intranet website, and all school websites hosted by the district.  In order to do this effectively, Principals are the designated Web Managers and they may appoint several Web Editors from their staff to help maintain the school website. The same process is applicable to departments within the district office.

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ADA Compliance at PCPS

ADA stands for the American Disabilities Act. It was set in place by the Department of Justice to create a set of standards that state that all electronic and information technology must be accessible to all people, including those with disabilities. In an effort to remain accessible to all people viewing and listening to Polk County Public School’s electronic and information technology, we have published these guidelines as a reference for all who have access to editing these means. A few of the basic guidelines to remember are:

  •  All images must have alt text
  •  PDF’s should be accessible or added as HTML text within the site
  •  All text must be 12pt or higher
  •  All buttons should have a descriptive title
  •  Headers and lists should be nested by hierarchy (ex. H1 > H2 > H3, etc.)
  •  All links must be descriptive

Training & Support

Video trainings for web editors, managers, and all district personnel will be available to view soon. These videos will include information about ADA compliance and what that means for PCPS as a whole, how to implement compliance guidelines into your web design, how to make general website edits, information about recent changes within Web Services, and more.

View our help site below to access articles related to editing websites and more.


Branding & Style Guides

For assistance with a brand redesign or website makeover, email by clicking the button below. Be sure to include any current colors, or logos you already have. We have a unique team within the Public Relations & Strategic Partnerships department that can help you create a brand that speaks your school's language.

The web team also can help you incorporate the brand into your website or help you reimagine the site you already have.


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