Our Vision

Our vision is to provide customer-focused advice and support for Polk ​​County School Board Information Technology related services ​ and be recognized as an excellent service provider while continuing to improve our internal and external processes.

Our Mission

  • Provide support for district applications
  • Communicate and collaborate with other Information Systems & Technology Departments
  • ​​Offer training for district applications
  • Explore future enhancements to our processes, procedures, and documentation
  • Ensure high availability and immediate support through our phone lines and ticketing system

Helpful Links

The TSC Help Desk has created a list of helpful links and reminders to assist you at the start of the 2021-2022 school year.

Contact the TSC Help Desk at helpdesk@polk-fl.net or call 863-519-8040 if you have any questions or concerns.

New teacher accounts will be created the day after Human Resources enters them into SAP and an SAP# is assigned. An email will be sent to the Network manager from Email Updates once the account has been created.

Submit all Focus tickets to Focus@polk-fl.net

Permissions request forms for both schools and district office staff are located on the focus portal under the Resources tab. The form needs to be submitted by the Principal or Director for your school or location.

    • Teachers, Administrators, Secretaries and Counselors are automatically added to Focus and a permissions request form is not required to be submitted for standard permissions.

In your ticket email please include your full name, SAP#, school and specific issue that you’re having

Help Desk staff can,

    • Unlock Windows Accounts (AD)
    • Unlock SAP accounts
    • Reset your security questions
    • Change your existing email in ARS – Applicant Recruiting System to your current email or your Polk email

When resetting passwords Laptops need to be connected to the network with an Ethernet cable

Windows 7 is not supported

Block/Unblock Request (for access to restricted sites, approval needed)

    • Access the form on the HUB> Webforms> Information System & Technology> Block/Unblock Request

In the staff portal you can do the following:

    • Change/ Reset your Password
    • Access your job application by Clicking “Links”> Job Application> Open Online Application> Yes>
    • View, print, save paystubs
    • Update your personal email address on the Contact Info option (for Polk County Staff who use Parent Portal).
    • Fill out your Travel Voucher.  Note: on the form your start and end destination must be your work or your home address.
Tech Support Icon

The TSC provides support for the following applications:

  • Desktop Support
  • (ARS) Applicant Registration System
  • E-mail
  • Excent
  • ePAF
  • Genesis
  • Microsoft Office Products
  • Internet Explorer
  • Polk-ID
  • SAP
  • Volunteers

Contact List

This contains a contact list for most District applications. Click on Learn more to continue.​


The TSC provides support and documentation for district email accounts. Click on Learn more to continue.​

  1. Email Address: FirstName.LastName@polk-fl.net
  2. Password: your email/network password
  3. Domain: Leave Blank
  4. User Name: FirstName.LastName@polk-fl.net
  5. Server: Outlook.Office365.com
  6. Check the “Remember Password” box
  7. Check the SSL Box
  8. Accept all SSL certificates​​

​Visit the following page for tips on setting up your email with iOS or Android: Miscellaneous Documents​

Misc Documents

This area contains Miscellaneous TSC documentation. Click on Learn more to continue.

Account Lockouts

PCSB has an account lockout policy in place for all user accounts. User accounts will automatically be locked after 3 failed login attempts. This policy is a security measure to prevent unauthorized users from trying to guess passwords. Users often run into lockout issues when they change their password but don’t update it on every device they use. This will cause the account to be locked out intermittently until the password on the device(s) is updated. It is the user’s responsibility to remain vigilant when resetting their password and making sure each device they use is updated as we have no way of determining which device is causing the lockout issues.​


Criteria for Creating a Password:

  1. Minimum of eight (8) characters
  2. Must contain (3 of the 4 selections) numbers, upper case letters, lower case letters, and/or a special symbol.
  3. Cannot use one of your last 5 passwords.
  4. Cannot contain 3 or more consecutive letters from your username.
  5. Password must be kept for at least 2 days before you can change it again.​

Your password will need to be updated on all devices you use to access District Applications and resources (Phones, Laptops, PCs at home, etc.). If the password(s) aren’t updated you may face account lockout issues.


Note: For the initial setup of an iPad, setup the Wi-Fi first, then setup the PCSB Email


Due to the many phone manufacturers and various models, you may need to use Google to locate the instructions for setting up Exchange / Corporate Email by typing in the Google Search: “Setting up exchange email on (Make and Model Number of your phone)”​​

Network Managers

The TSC provides support to Network Manager for certain issues and tasks. Click on Learn more to continue.​

Click below to visit PCPS’ Network Manager Information SharePoint site. On that webpage Network Managers can find more useful information and training opportunities provided by the district. If you are a Network Manager and are unable to access this site contact Email Updates​ and they will update your access.


The TSC provides a variety of support and documentation for SAP including Setup, SAP Finance, SAP Payroll and more. Click on Learn more to continue.

​​​​​​​​Create Requisition

Display or Change Requisition

TSC Training Info

The TSC provides training for certain district applications. Click on Learn more to continue.

Training​ Requests

Our current open courses and available dates are listed below. Once you submit the form, you will be notified that we received the request and added to the course if there are seats available.

​For all other training requests use the following form: Training Request Form.xsn

Course Date Time
Budget/Payroll August 21 TBA
Purchasing August 22 TBA